PanoramaStudio 3.0

Creation of seamless 360 degree and wide angle panoramic images
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PanoramaStudio is a good panorama creation application out of independent photographs.
The program can generate flat panoramic pictures by stitching together different and related photographs, wide angle panoramas out of different related pictures, as well as 360 degree panoramas. The application automatically blends the selected images enhancing the necessary parameters to build a good output panorama image, by automatically detecting focal length and camera lens to correct and calculate the best resulting panorama picture. The application database includes more than 1000 digital camera data for adjusting all the possible corrections.

The panorama creation process can be obtained automatically or manually after the panorama is made. Filters and 'hotspots' editor are some of the tools included for post-processing the resulting panoramic image, besides automatic exposure, perspective and cropping correction,

The output panorama can be exported in several picture file formats, such as QuickTime, Flash and Java panoramas, etc. and it can be shared by email or uploaded as an Internet file.

The user interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Imported images can be previewed as thumbnails to select the desired pictures to use, and they can be rotated, resized, scaled and cropped to fit the panorama parameters. The perspective correction enables to position the horizon in an arbitrary level. Panoramas can be printed on multiple pages in poster size, exported in several panorama formats or as multilayered image for later professional post-processing.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Very powerful application for panorama creations. Many camera data included for automatic lens corrections


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